AARP aside

A big shout out to all my fellow AARP members!  Yeah!

There have been no new blog entries for a couple of days, because I was volunteering with AARP.  This is an organization that I really support and I am glad you do also. 

Thursday we held a LIVE, LEARN, CONNECT day here in Eugene for over 160 people.  Shared good information on Social Security, Medicare, scams, and the 50+ worker.  We also collected a lot of non-perishable for Food for Lane County foodbank. 

Friday  we were in Roseburg, OR for a day at the CONFERENCE ON EXTRAORDINARY LIVING at Umpqua Community College campus nestled in the natural hills of Douglas County.  I conducted a workshop on Caregiving.  We will all be caregivers or will need caregiving at some time in our lives.  Planning for it is necessary.  AARP has a wonderful free booklet available titled PREPARE TO CARE, A Planning Guide for Families.  If I were you, I would contact AARP and get a copy.  It is a difficult, but necessary task for every family. 

Some information:  Life expectancy is now 77 years; the fastest growing age group is 85 and older; by 2030 there will be 70 million older Americans;  caregiving will increase in the future. 

Educate yourself.  Make a family plan.  When the unexpected happens, you will have the tools in place to deal with life’s complications.  AARP can help.  You can download a copy of Prepare to Care or order a set of copies for your employees, co-workers, or friends.  Do it today!


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Retired educator interested in living life fully. Will write about aging wisely, good reads, food, travel, dance reviews, and other items as they interest me.
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