sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts con’t

ACT I, SCENE 2, FEB, 2010…sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts

Cast of Characters:  ME, the seller

                                  BB, the real estate agent

                                  EH, another real estate agent

                                 Pavarotti, ME’s sick cat

ME (FEB 6, 2010):   Thanks for yesterday.  I think I am clear on all the details and positive about selling.  And…always good to talk with you.

A couple of things I forgot to mention.  1) The chandelier over the dining table does not go with the house.  2) I put a basket next to the hall tree for those lovely booties you use for people coming into the house.

No sweeping leaves today.  Maybe tomorrow.

BB (2/10/2010):  This is a reminder email that I will need to have 3 keys for your house.  I can pick these up on Saturday at the open house (as long as the house will be open when I get there-around 12:45pm).  I also need to get the disclosures that you have filled out.  I will bring booties (using your basket), a lockbox, and flyers.  The sign will go up on Friday morning and the property will be entered into RMLS on Friday, with a note that says that the first showing will be at the open house on Saturday from 1-3.  Let me know if you have any questions.

BB (2/12/2010):  Here is the listing for your house.  Look it over and let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed.

  The private agent notes say:  “1st showing Open House Sat 2/13 1-3.  Exclude chandelier, garden containers & art.  All appliances included.  Basement has separate entrance, currently rented.  24 hour notice to view.  Indoor cat – do not let out!  Exquisite historical house with lots of character and fine features!”

Your phone number isn’t on the listing yet, but I will put it on there tomorrow after the open house for people to call you to make an appointment.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We’ll see you tomorrow at 12:45!

ME (FEB 12, 2010):   Have a question.  It will be real estate agents or you calling me to look at the house, right?  I would prefer not to have my phone number floating out there for anyone to come by on their own.  Also…the cat will not be in the house when people are here viewing.  I will take him somewhere.  In his condition, it is not fair to have him exposed to strangers.  So, no need to mention him, except for those people who may be allergic to cats, I guess.

Disclosures done.  Keys ready.  All the leaves are not gone yet.  That will happen a little at a time.

BB (2/12/2010):  Yes, it will only be real estate agents and me or EH calling you for appointments.  We do not give your phone number out to the public.

Okay about Pavarotti – I’ll take that info out unless you tell us otherwise.  It’s fine to leave the info in there, just in case, so let me know if you want it just left there in case some time it’s easier for you to just step out for a showing.  No problem either way.

Excellent about the keys and disclosures — I’ll see you tomorrow!

ME (FEB 27, 2010):  Dear EH…Hope you are over your cold…  Sunshine should help.

I have taken down more art and found places to stash it.  Not sure about the ammonia smell in the downstairs bath.  However, I put a candle in there with a flower scent.

2 houses in the neighborhood have sale pending signs.  That is a good thing.

Have directions to Eastwood.  See you there tomorrow at 1pm.

EH (2/28/2010):  That sounds good.  I am feeling better and the sun helps a lot!  BB will be back working tomorrow, and I’ll ask her to give you a call.  Houses are definitely selling.  I am a bit concerned about the lack of activity on your house.  I would expect to see at least a couple of showings a week.  I’ll let you and BB discuss options for stimulating more interest.

I will see you at 1pm.



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