sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts continued

sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts…Scene 4, April 2010

BB (4/8/2010):  Here’s feedback about the showing today.  Unfortunately it didn’t work for her buyer.  Still hoping the open house has a large turnout.  Thanks!

LC (April 8, 2010):  Thank you for setting up the showing.  The house showed well, but it is not my client’s style.  My client does like the location and the easy care landscaping.  The house was a little darker than she cares for.  The kitchen is great.  Hope this helps.

ME (April 9, 2010):  She left me a nice note…”Thank you.  Your home is lovely.”  Yes, it can be darker in the morning (wood ceilings) especially on rainy days.  However, it makes it cooler in the summer when the temperature reaches into the 90s.  Something to keep in mind for buyers.  I was surprised not to see something in today”s paper.  Tomorrow?

BB (4/9/2010):   Yes, the ads are in Saturday and Sunday’s papers.  Windemere has a two page spread of “spotlight” houses – the ones with the photos.  I used the interior photo for your house.  Your house and T’s are next to each other in the ad and both are open at the  same time.  The are both listed in the “Open House Directory” section as well.  Look for it tomorrow.  Thanks…

BB 4/9/010):   Just got an email from the listing agent for the house down the street.  Thought you’d like to see it.  They reduced the price and it’s now $499,900.  Thanks…

ME (April 9, 2010):  Wow! That’s a big reduction!  Couldn’t open the image, but I think I know the house.

Yes…I looked at that house when I was considering this one.  I liked this house more. 

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.  Then we can discuss the future.  I am not in a rush to sell…yet.

Would it be alright if I had plates of Sees chocolates out for the visitors tomorrow?  I will put a sign up telling the people there are nuts in the candy.  Or…is that a no-no?

And…what is the woman’s name who is tomorrow’s host?

Back to work for me…

BB (4/9/2010):   Yes, candy is dandy!  A sign about nuts is fine as well.  The agent who is hosting tomorrow is AG.  She is really connected to the neighborhood and the people at the University.  I will be telling anyone who comes to T’s to go to your house and Ann will be doing the same.  They are not comparable houses really, but sometimes people just want to live in the neighborhood so it’s good to let them know about everything available.  Or they might have friends to tell about one of the houses.  I’m expecting a big turn-out, so I hope I’m right.

ME (April 13, 2010):  Sold any houses today?

Here we are almost at the middle of April (and Tax day)…   I wonder if people don’t like to buy houses during Tax month?  Anyway, when would be a good time to reduce the price on my house?  I was thinking $514,552 on the first of May.  What do you think?  Maybe we should wait?

I am not in a rush, as I don’t know where I’m going, but I would like some action.  You are the expert, so let me know what you are considering.  Cheers,

BB (4/13/2010):  This is to confirm that we’re changing the listing price to $512,000 and having an open house this Sunday, 4?18 from 1-3.  Thanks…


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