sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts, continued…

sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts.  Act II, May 2010, Scene 1

BB (5/6/2010):   I have put the ads in for the open house on Saturday 5/15 from 1-3 p.m.  Karen Fine will be hosting it (she’s the one you requested).  T’s house will be open at the same time so that we can send people back and forth.  I also put the ads in for the Windemere magazine – that issue will be coming out at the beginning of June.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

BB (5/15/2010):   See below for KF’s account of the open house.  I hope you had a good Saturday!  It sure was gorgeous!  Thanks…

KF (May 15, 2010):   I didn’t get to see ME after the open house.  It was pretty busy.  11 people total.  2 neighbors and the rest mostly serious.  Sorry I didn’t sell it!

ME (May 25, 2010):   Hope you are well.  Thought I would tell you that all the flyers are gone.  Also…when are we having our next open house?  Thanks…

BB (5/25/2010):   I was just thinking about you yesterday — a mortgage broker asked if he could do a free mountable eco-flyer for one of my listings and I suggested your home.  He’s working on it now and I will let you know when it’s done.  It’s mounted on foam board and attaches to the sign and is a permanent flyer that is in addition to the flyer box.  I’ll print up some and bring you more of the regular flyers today or tomorrow.

For the open house, I had planned on having the next one on Sunday, June 13th.  The University Graduation is on Monday, June 14th this year, so I thought there would be a lot of extra people in the neighborhood that weekend.  This coming weekend is Memorial Day, of course, so not a good time to have one.  But I could change it to the weekend of the 6/6 if you’re anxious to have another one.  Let me know if the 13th will work or if you would prefer to have it on the 6th.  

There seems to be a drop off in activity after the tax credit expired on April 30th — it seems to be a little slower across the board in all aspects.  I think it would pick up a little if the weather ever decides to cooperate and act like it’s May — feels more like March lately!

Hope you are well too! 

ME (May 25, 2010):   Glad to hear from you.  Yes, May 2010 is really November 2010 in disguise — and not a very good one.

The Eco flyer sounds great.  Thanks for offering my house.  Look forward to seeing it.  And the additional paper flyers.

June 13th sounds great.  Once a month open house is enough for me.  Will you be the hostess?  I’m hoping so.

Yes, I know things are slower.  However, I am beginning to see more pending signs in the neighborhood.  Good RG article last week that said most houses over $400k take about 8 months to sell.  That’s ok with me.  cheers…

BB (5/25/2010):   Excellent about the 13th  — I’m sorry but it won’t be me again.  My daughter graduates from high school that weekend and we have a lot of family coming to town for it.  I have KF (who did the last two) and EH on board for open houses that weekend.  Their children are younger and aren’t having any graduation ceremonies that weekend.  Would you prefer one over the other?  EH has been busy at school lately but will be finished by then.  She’s also doing well in real estate still.  So let me know if you have a preference. 

My garden looks great because of this cool moist weather and we haven’t had to irrigate anything — so I guess that’s an upside to this November in May thing.  Good year for slugs and snails, that’s for sure!  Thanks…



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