sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts, continued

sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts…Act II, Scene 2, June 2010

ME (June 14, 2010):   Hope graduation went well and all the guests had a good time!

Good to see EH yesterday.  She was shocked that we had not had any visitors to the house other than the open houses.  Me too, actually.  I was sick most of last week, but did get the house and garden ready.  Went and had pedicure during the open house yesterday to relax.  Emma was gone when I returned and she didn’t leave a not.  Any feedback to share?

What’s next?

BB (6/14/2010):   EH emailed me and said only two people came to the open house — not a good turnout.  TS’s had 15 people , so slightly higher, but still not a big showing.  I think the lovely summer weather arriving and a big graduation weekend meant that there were other things occupying people.  Plus, we’ve been on the market for a while so those parties who have been actively looking may have already attended one of the open houses.  It’s hard to say.  Just so you know, I’ve heard that the other houses in the area haven’t had many showings either.  Strange since the university area used to be such a hot spot where houses would go quickly no matter what.  Price still plays a big role in which ones sell, but we’ve already adjusted the price a lot.  We have had good advertising exposure to the public and other realtors, have had well attended open houses, have gone through a lot of flyers, have a listed price below your purchase price, you’ve done a fantastic job of having it ready for showings and you’re in a great location.  We can’t do anything about the drawbacks that we’ve heard about regarding the house behind yours, the view of the roof from the second story, or the lack of a yard.  I don’t want to talk to you about price again since we’ve already reduced it considerably and since I know you need to net a certain amount of it.

How about if we cancel it and bring it back on as new so it appears again as a new listing?  We could take new photos and see if different angles work.  Next weekend is Father’s Day, so not the best time for that — but we could shoot for the following week and have another broker tour.  What do you think of that?  Thanks…

ME (June 14, 2010):   I agree with everything you said.  I’m not sure what you mean by cancelling it and then bringing it back as new.  What does that entail?

The week of the 21st I will be gone to AARP meetings and won’t be able to stay on top of having the house extra clean.  Could we wait until July?  Thanks…

BB (6/14/2010):   Yes, we can wait until July — though the first week of July isn’t the best since that is July 4th weekend (the 4th of July is on a Sunday this year).  Cancelling it and bring it back on as new is just computer work — it makes it reappear as a new listing on the RMLS.  It doesn’t entail anything from you (except I would come and take new photos) — it’s just something that I can do with the computer RMLS listing.  It’s not a typical thing to do but a manipulative tool that I’ve used sometimes to try to get it fresh in everyone’s mind.  We could either do it that last weekend in June on the 26-27 weekend or wait until the weekend of July 10-11.  Let me know your preference.  Thanks!

BB (June 20, 2010):   Hi DL, thanks for showing the house!  Love to see an offer — any interest there?  Do you have any feedback that I can pass on to my seller?  Thanks and happy Sunday!

DL (June 20, 2010):  Awesome location, but the house would not work for these buyers.  They are from Salt Lake and did not care for all the wood.  Please thank the selling for allowing us to view the home.  Good luck…

BB (6/20/2010):  See the response from DL.  That’s kind of interesting feedback — they could always paint the wood (heaven forbid though!).  I’ll email him back and suggest that.  Rain, rain go away…

ME (June 28, 2010):   Hope you are doing well!  July is right around the corner.  What is our plan?  I was out-of-town most of the last week.  Give me a call or come over so we can talk.  Only day I am not available it Thursday afternoon.  Thanks…

BB (6/28/2010):   Hope you are doing well too!

I have scheduled an open house for Saturday July 10th from 1-3.  I would like to do new photos on Tuesday, July 6th — let’s say 1 p.m. if that works for you.  I’ll be cancelling the listing and bringing it back on as new with the new photos.  It would be useful if we did a small price change at that point so that it appears different on the listing.  Would going down to $490,000 work for you?  Let me know if all of those dates are okay by you and about the price.  Thanks!

BB (6/28/2010):   Thanks for showing the house, MM.  Do you have any feedback that I can pass on to the seller?

MM (June 28, 2010):   Buyers loved the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bath, and the amount of light that came into the upper level.  The Buyers did not like the lack of yard, garage access, closeness of other properties, basement area.  Take care…



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