sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts, Act III, Scene 2

sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts, Act III, Scene 2, October, 2010

BB (10/1/2010):   Hi… The RMLS just created a new tool where I can see how many people are looking at the listing over the internet.  It just came out last night and I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised! 

The results for your house show that 596 people have looked at your listing since 8/1/2010.  Yesterday there were 4 views and there were 60 in the past 7 days!  So even if you’re not getting a lot of phone calls and showings, it’s good information to know that your house is still being looked at and viewed on-line.

I can also track how many people look at your house on my website – 532.  I don’t have broken down information by days like the RMLS site, but if there have been 596 views on RMLS and 532 views on my website, then that’s over 1000 views of your house.

Good information to pass along to you.

Remember that there is an open house tomorrow from 12-2 at your house.

Have a great day!  Thanks…

ME (October 2, 2010):   I didn’t get back to the house until 2:30.  The host had already left.

Can we get together sometime this week for a face to face meeting?  I want to talk about options for the coming months…  The only days not good for me are Wed. and Thurs.

Doubt if anyone came today.  Football game?  Did you forget?  Tailgate parties started early.

Anyway…talk to you soon.

BB (10/2/2010):   Hi…Sure, we can meet this week.  Monday or Tuesday would be good for me in the afternoon.  Is one of those days better for you?

I didn’t forget about the game — it was originally scheduled for 8 p. m., but then ESPN decided to come to town and make Eugene the College Game Day spot and they changed the game to 5 p. m.  Also we originally scheduled it for today for the antique sale, remember?  The ad deadline was the previous Friday, so I had already put the ads in for today.

Open houses are generally slow lately — I haven’t been getting a good turn out at any house regardless of the day or time.  I thought that there would be more people in town this weekend because of the game — and I originally though our 12-2 time was great for an 8 p. m. game.  SH said she would let me know about the turn out, but I haven’t heard from her yet.  I’ll let you know when I find out.  Maybe she had a good early turn out while it was still cloudy before people headed to Autzen?

I’m excited about the game — Go Ducks!


ME (October 22, 2010):   Hi…Thought I’d let you know that LG is bring a client to see the house at 10am tomorrow.  I told her we were having an open house/antique sale.  However, she wants to bring her client earlier.

Ad in Saturday’s Garage Sale edition.

Go #1 Ducks!


ps…I’m keeping ahead of the leaves!

BB (10/22/2010):   Hi…I’m glad to hear Linda is bringing a client.  I have the candy — kisses plain & almond and some Euphoria chocolate in the shape of leaves (even though you’re sick of leaves by now!).

We went to the Duck game last night — it was very exciting for a while, until they pulled so far ahead.  Fun to see in person — we had great seats!  Go Ducks!

See you tomorrow!  Thanks…

ME (October 23, 2010):   What a great day!  Made $1624 and still have $200 coming for the sofa.  Yeah!  Thanks and let’s do it again next month!  I can decorate for Thanksgiving…

Thank you…

BB (10/23/2010):   I just talked to LG and she did show it this morning (she thought she left a card on the dining room table, so he just must have forgotten).  She said it didn’t work for her client, that he has children and a dog and that she didn’t think it would work, but that he really wanted to see it.  So, she was there and said she’s keep it in mind for anyone else she has.  And she hope we get a buyer this weekend.

That was a smash hit!  So glad we did that!  Now get some rest and eat some good food!


ME (October 28, 2010):   Just spent an hour on the phone with the Wells Fargo mortgage people.  Name…Brian…

Of course he didn’t have the papers we faxed in, so I had to give it to him over the phone.  No loan modification in my future.  I don’t qualify, and he said they would only modify the loan by about $200 anyway.  So he is sending me all the paper work for a short sale.  And…we will go from there.  At least it’s in the works.

BB (10/28/2010):   Well, that wasn’t very good news.  I thought for sure that Wells Fargo would be able to help you more with a modification instead of going into a short sale status.  It’s mystifying to me how banks are operating lately.  They would receive more from a modification than they would from a short sale.  And then sometimes those are even difficult to go through and they end up receiving even less from going to foreclosure.  It’s a strange strange time in the lending world.

Well, it’s good news that it’s in the works and we’ll see what we can do to still get your house sold and you onto a new and better situation.  In the short sale process we will be reducing the price of your home again.  Let’s give some thought about that and where we should be.  I’m thinking below $400K for a short sale.  Your thoughts?


ME (October 28, 2010):   Thanks for your support and encouragement.  I was disappointed also.  I know that when this is over I am going to close my Wells Fargo account and go with

Yes, below $400,000.

much thanks…

BB (10/28/2010):   Did you notice in the paper today the article about Wells Fargo and foreclosures?  It was in the Business section.  I thought that Wells Fargo was possibly immune to the problems with foreclosures that other banks, like Bank of America, were experiencing.  Apparently not.  But that just shows that the entire lending system is experiencing extreme difficulties lately…which unfortunately trickles down to difficulties for every day people living every day lives.

Hang in there.  It will all work out however it does.  The good thing is that you do have options and you will be fine, regardless of how this works out.

Much love…

ME (October 28, 2010):   Yes, I did read that article.  And, I got the feeling from talking to the Wells Fargo guy on the phone today that because I am not behind on my mortgage there is not much they will do.  Strange… Pretty soon I will run out of things to sell or rent!  Then I will have to quit paying my mortgage just to survive.  That road leads to foreclosure.

My family bought me a ticket to NYC for Christmas.  I will be gone from Dec 17-Jan 4.  Would like to sell the house before then…

ME (Oct 29, 2010):  Dear family,

BB’s husband came over this morning and helped me move the German cabinet from the TV room to the living room.  Thanks to BB.  Then the lady came and got the kitchen rug.  So here is the new look.

Family (10/30/2010):  Wow!  Shows off the wood really nicely.  Great!  I think if you don’t get any renters this month, you should stop paying your mortgage.


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