sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts…Act III, Scene1

sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts…Act III, Scene 1:  September 2010

ME (September 7, 2010):   Hope you had a good weekend.

Just talked to TS and her mom died last week.  The funeral is Sat.  She was 99.

My antique sale yesterday did not sell much, but I had a couple who were interested in the house.  Their house is for sale with a contingency bid.  They loved the house!  Silly me.  I forgot to get their names!  Anyway, they took a flyer.

LG said she was bring some people to see the house this week, but I don’t have a day yet.

all the best…

BB (9/7/2010):   LG said that the buyers are coming this weekend and it would be on Saturday that she will be showing them houses.  But she said she couldn’t remember whether or not your house made the final cut.  I think I caught her a really busy moment, because she was a little abrupt about it.  I asked her to let me know if they aren’t going to be looking at your house so that I could pass them on to you and she said she would try to remember to do that, but at the moment “I just don’t remember whether that house is in the final cut or not, sorry.  If it is on the list then I’ll be making appointments towards the end of the week” is what she said.

So, maybe plan on having a Saturday showing unless you hear from me?  Sounds like LG is having a busy little Tuesday morning, but I’ll ask her again further on in the week if we haven’t heard anything. 

Good luck with the professor!  I still have my fingers crossed about that one!  Thanks…

ME (September 15, 2010):   HH of M Realty brought someone to look at the house today at 4:30.  I went to look at some apartments.

BB (9/16/2010):   I emailed HH for some feedback.  I was out-of-town for two days at the beginning of the week and LC was covering for me.  She was checking my email and two people wrote asking to confirm if your house was a vacation rental on Craigslist.  Apparently someone had used your address to advertise a vacation rental scam.  The photos were not of your house, but they do have your address on it.  I will forward you the emails that LC sent me so you can see what is going on.  I’d suggest you contact Craigslist about the scam.  Craigslist has been challenging lately for me.  As I told you before, I get a ton of spam and weird things every time I post something on Craigslist.  So apparently you do too now.  It’s a bummer since it could be such a good site to use, but not without its problems.  Thanks…

ME (September 26, 2010):  Hope you had a good weekend.

I had a ball in CA…or should I say balloon?  The hot air balloons were wonderful and I got to go up in one!  Yeah!

I have decided Not to have the antique sale on Oct. 2nd.  I may do it later in the month, but my schedule is getting too busy to prepare for a sale.

Talk to you soon…


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