sell this house? A Melodrama in 4 Acts. Act III, Scene 4, December 2010

sell this house?  A Melodrama in 4 Acts.  Act III, Scene 4, December 2010

BB (12/2/2010):   I may indeed have pink eye, on my way to the dr now.  Thank you for pointing it out to me — I had no idea!  But I hope you washed your hands after we met and you will want to pay close attention to your eyes in the near future, just in case.

I got the letter for Citifinancial — thanks for that too.

Talk to you soon.

KS (December 3, 2010):   Please find signed page 9 of the EMA, signed backup offer, copy of earnest money check, thank you!

BB (12/3/2010):   Here is the signed offer for the back up clients.  I talked to ES today and he is meeting with the people with the first offer tonight at 5 (sounds like they have been having very busy work schedules).  He should have something back to me tonight.  It sounds like they will accept it, but I won’t know until I have it in hand.

Thanks for the advent calendar!

And the pink eye is almost gone already from the eye drops.  That’s good!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

ES (December 3, 2010):   Sorry about the “petite counter”…  Everything is just as you wrote the sellers counter except that… The buyers wanted to have the option of an acceptable appraisal should they choose to purchase all cash.  Buyers are seeing a mortgage broker on Monday at 9am.

Hope that’s ok with the seller.

Talk to you soon.

You’re the only other realtor that I’ve ever seen sign their email (to me) with …xo’s…and I LOVE it. 🙂


BB (12/3/2010):   ES’ clients gave us a little tiny counter — basically everything is the same except that they added that the house needs to appraise for value if they are paying with cash.  Normally an appraisal is only used for a loan, so they are saying that they want to have it appraised and reach value whether they pay with cash or get a loan.  No surprises, nothing big, but a piece of paper we need to sign.  They gave us until Tuesday to sign it, however.  So, I have a big Civil War party tomorrow, but am free on Sunday.  What if we get together some time on Sunday so I can have you sign their counter?  Work for you?  Let me know.


ME (December 5, 2010):   Hello dear duck fan… Go Ducks!

About our meeting today…I need to meet before 2:30 today.  A friend and I are going to a Xmas concert and then to dinner.

Let me know when and where…at your office?

BB (12/5/2010):   Yes, Go Ducks!  That was exciting!

I have several appointments scheduled for today so I won’t be available until about 4.  How about tomorrow around noon?  It doesn’t have to be at my office — there is only one piece of paper for you to sign and I can bring it to your house if that works better for you.  We have until Tuesday at 5 p. m. technically to respond, but I would like to send the offer to Wells Fargo and Citifinancial tomorrow to get the ball rolling.  Let me know if noon tomorrow works for you.

A concert and dinner sounds lovely — enjoy!

ME (December 5, 2010):   Tomorrow LG is bringing someone over to see the house at 9am, so noon would work.

Have a question.  In a short sale, do I have to pay any of the closing costs?  That just occurred to me. 

And…someone is interested in my Delft chandelier!

BB (12/5/2010):   That’s a good question.  Let me double-check with escrow tomorrow to see what exactly is your responsibility and what isn’t.  I’ll let you know.

Congratulations on the chandelier!  Do they want the dining room table too?

BB (12/6/2010):   So, I’m gaining more information about this and looks like you may or may not have closing costs.  It all comes down to the negotiations with the banks, so there is no way to tell upfront if you will have closing costs.  It is possible that you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses, but it’s not a sure thing.

Title company gave me the following costs:

Owner’s policy of title insurance is $1070.00

Escrow fee (includes all wires, fed-x) on short sales is $1000.00

GSF fee $15.00

Recon/release fees between $120 and $240

So the closing costs can be as much as $2325 total, but most likely the banks will be paying these fees.  They may try to negotiate with you so that you will pay all or some of these, but you just need to negotiate back that you are unable to pay them.  Sorry I don’t have any definite information to give you — title gal said it depends on the banks and the negotiations, so she doesn’t have a straight-forward answer either.

Time will tell…  Thanks!

ME (12/8/2010):   Good morning!

Just had a call from MA at Citifinancial in Clackamas asking why I hadn’t paid this month.  I told (her/him?) that I had contacted Citifinancial in October and you had called in … was it Oct or Nov?  That the response was to wait until we had a short sale offer and then send everything in.  I explained that we were waiting for the HUD statement, which we were hoping would come through today, and then would be sending all the paper work to Wells Fargo and Citifinancial.  She/He (couldn’t tell by the voice whether it was a man or a woman) said there was no note on my folder that said were into a short sale or that anyone in that office had spoken to me or you.  I gave MA your work number, not your cell phone.  You may hear from MA.

Thought I would hear from JS, but haven’t.  Maybe the guy with all the questions decided not to look at the house.


BB (12/8/2010):   The title gal was able to do the HUD today and is paying Wells Fargo off in full with remainder to Citifinancial.  I need you to sign this on the last page and get it back to me so I can have the buyers sign it.  The easiest of all methods would be if you could print it and sign it and fax it back to me.  Then I can forward it to the buyer’s agent.  If that doesn’t work, then you could drop it at my office tomorrow.  Let me know what works.


BB (12/9/2010):   Here is everything that I sent to Citifinancial today.  I had called them to make sure I had everything and they said I didn’t need the buyer’s signature on the HUD, so I sent it off.  I’m still waiting to get it back from ES, because I know they will ask for it at some point.  So, we’re good to go as far as completing docs with them.  I asked on the phone and they said they don’t contact you at this point, but you should still call them and let them know that you will be out-of-town.  The man I spoke with said that we should have an answer in about 10 business days (so they would be sometime the week of December 27th?).  Who knows if they will be able to stick to that schedule with the holidays coming up, but he said they are relatively quick to respond.  I will keep you posted when I hear of anything.

Hope you have an excellent night!


BB (12/10/2010):   I’m going to Portland this afternoon with my family for the weekend.  All the paperwork is in to the bank and escrow.  ES has the flu and won’t be able to meet with his clients until Monday, there should be nothing imminent that comes up.  But I’ll have my cell phone and a computer with me just in case.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!  Thanks…

ME (December 14, 2010):   Hope you had a nice weekend.

I will be at an AARP meeting tomorrow.  I am leaving this evening and returning tomorrow evening.  Then I pack for NYC and leave for NYC Friday morning at 5:45am.  Back on Jan 4, 2011.  Contact info………

Have a great Christmas!  and a Happy New Year.  Hopefully we will have a deal by the time I return.


BB (12/15/2010):  Thank you for the contact info and your details.  I just went to call you and realized that you’re out-of-town, so I shall try you tomorrow.

Yes, I’m hoping that we do have a deal by the time you get back from New York — that would be great.  I’ll continue to check in with Citifinancial and bug them to keep this going.  So far they have had no information for me and they may indeed get a little backed up from the holidays.  So we’ll see.

I hope you have a wonderful time in New York, happy holidays with your family, and a spectacular New Years!

You have a lot to look forward to in the coming year.  xo

BB (Dec 26, 2010):   Hi…Here are the two pages that I need you to print, sign and fax back to me at……….  Thanks!

ME (December 26, 2010):   Thanks for the call.  I received the email.  I will fax the reply tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on the weather.  Still snowing…


BB (12/27/2010):   Hi…I went ahead and sent everything to the banks today instead of waiting for your signatures.  I will send those as follow-up when I get them, but I wanted to get the ball rolling.

I’m going skiing with my family tomorrow so just fax those when you can and I will get them when I return and send them on to the banks.

Hope you are weathering the storm in NYC!


BB (12/29/2010):   I got the fax, but only the first two pages came through — so I still need the termination one.  The machine apparently cut it off, so I received the cover sheet and the back-up to the first position addendum, but the termination addendum didn’t make it.  I’m not worried about it — it’s just paperwork at this point and it’s not on a deadline.  But if your daughter can try resending it tomorrow or Friday than that would be great.

We didn’t end up skiing, because there were blizzard conditions up to the passes here.  It snowed here in town this morning and again this afternoon, and apparently more is on the way for tonight.  I’ve been watching the news footage about your blizzard and snow there — looks like you could have cross-country skied right from your doorstep!  I hope you’re doing fine in it and enjoying your time with your family! xo

ME (December 30, 2010):   Hi…I left a message on your cell phone this morning that my daughter had resent the fax.  She said it went through.  She is leaving work right now.  If you still didn’t get it, we will have to wait until monday…or I will have to find a kinkos to reprint the pages and fax them to you.  Just email me, if the pages came through.

Have a nice New Year’s Eve!  Stay warm and dry.

BB (12/30/2010):   I got it!  Thank you!

The snow never made it here.  It’s now sunny and cold, but no snow.  Oh well.  Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve too!



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