Continuing sell this house, a Melodrama in 4 acts.

BB 2/24/2011 3:09pm

Hi K…..,

It looks like the only way that this will work is if we pay off Wells Fargo completely and give Citifinancial what they want.  That figure is approximately $375,000.  Are your buyers willing to do that?  There are two other parties that are interested and I will tell them the same information, but I wanted to tell you first.

Also, that woman, D…. D….. called my Principal Broker and is writing a letter to the real estate company about me.  My PB, J… H…., talked to her and he said ” you are right, she is a horrible person with no customer service skills”.  But he couldn’t get anywhere with her either.  So, it looks like we’re stuck with the scenario of paying off Wells Fargo in full, so that their short sale rules of $3000 max don’t apply, and giving Citifinancial their payoff amount.

Talk this over with your buyers and let me kinow what they say.

Thanks, BB

BB 2/24/2011 6:08pm:

Hi ME,

I had to take a mini break this afternoon.  D…. did call J… H…. and J… said that I was right, that the woman was impossible.  He said that she interrupted him repeatedly, was very rude and bossy, and that she is going to write a letter about me to the real estate company.  Well, that’s fine.  He said that he understood what I was talking about and that he just tried to remain calm with her.  He explained my question about the $25K and the $20K and he said she said she would accept $20K — but that she was not a nice person.

So, I emailed all that information to Kirsten since she didn’t return my phone call.  She replied with a couple of questiona and is talking to her buyers about it.  We’ll see.

That was a tough day, especially being sick.  So I’m going to hopefully hear good news from K……  If not, then I’ll tell the other two agents about it tomorrow.

Have a good night and thanks for the calm down tips and the email about civility.  It’s a crazy world out there!

Thanks, BB

BB 2/25/2011 4:15pm:

Hi ME,

Just wanted to update you on where we are today.  K…… has talked to her clients and they are thinking it over — she said she expects to hear back from them in the next day or two.  Meanwhile S….. H….., the titile and escrow officer is talking to Wells Fargo to get an exact figure and calculate a good estimate of just what it will take to get this done.  So we should have a better number on Monday.

So we’re in a holding pattern once again and I expect to have something more concrete to tell you, one way or the other, by early next week, if not sooner.

Boy, it’s really cold out there!

Thanks, BB

BB 2/28/2011 12:19pm:

Hi ME,

We are changing the price for the house to $395,000.  Please email back to confirm.

Thanks, BB


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