Lesson #2 from “sell this house”

Lesson #2

Make sure you pay off all your credit cards.  When I was trying to pay my monthly first plus second mortgage, I found myself living on my credit cards.  Not a good idea.  I knew that even when I started.  It all snowballed.  Now I am using the “snowball” method to pay off my credit cards with the help of www.DAVERAMSEY.COM

First, put $1000 in your savings account.  Then start paying off your lowest balance credit card.  Only pay the minimum payment on all the other cards.  Now add the minimum balance you paid on Card A to the minimum balance you are paying on Card B.  Now start with Card C.  Add the amount you rolled over to Card B to the minimum you are paying on Card C until that card is paid off…and so on.  This way you see progress quickly.  As of this week, I have paid off 3 credit cards.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s site.  It works!


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