MYTH:  The pain will go away faster if I ignore it.

Fact:  Trying to ignore the pain will only make it worse.  For real healing you must face your grief and actively deal with it.

MYTH:  It’s important to “be strong” in the face of loss.

Fact:  Feeling, sad, frightened or lonely is a normal reaction to loss.  Crying doesn’t mean you are weak.  Showing your true feelings can help your family and friends and you.

MYTH:  Grief should last about a year.

Fact:  There is no right or wrong time frame for grieving.  It can differ from person to person.

MYTH:  Moving on with your life means you are forgetting the one you lost.

Fact:  Moving on means you have accepted your loved one’s death.  That is not the same as forgetting.    You can go on with your life and keep your loved one’s memory a part of you.

MYTH:  Friends can help by not bringing up the subject.

Fact:  People who are grieving usually want and need to talk about their loss.  Bringing up the subject can make it easier to talk about.

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About alonegwen

Retired educator interested in living life fully. Will write about aging wisely, good reads, food, travel, dance reviews, and other items as they interest me.
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