So, What did you Weigh today?

Today began as a beautiful day, weather wise, so I was very upbeat when I got to my Weight Watchers meeting at 9:45am.  Oh…the dreaded scale…what will it tell me?  Well…it was much better than I thought it would be.  I LOST 2.7 pounds!  Yeah!  Picture me doing a little dance in my head.  Not sure how the WW people would react to an old lady dancing around.  Anyway, I was pleased as punch!  I can do this.  Yes, I can!    That’s about ten pounds a month!  By the way, I did tell my Cinnabon story and the leader said that is worth 30 points!  That’s more than what I am allowed for the whole day!

Today we discussed Making Exercise Happen.  And, the fact that you need to have a back up plan.  So, if it’s raining and I can’t walk outside, I can go to the Fitness Center and walk on the treadmill or walk up and down the stairs in my house or go to the mall and walk.  Or…if I was a true Oregonian…I would walk in the rain.  Kind of like Dancin’ in the Rain.  This is Oregon so rain is not hard to find.  In fact, it’s raining right now.  Wait…where is Gene Kelly?  Oh, but he was dancing, because he was in love!  Need to harness that kind of energy for my workouts.

We also talked about smart choices in your spaces.  This is where being alone/single can actually be an advantage.  No partner to buy treats for.   Mantra for the week  “You can’t eat it, if you don’t have it.”  Perfect.  So, when I went shopping for my food for this second week, I thought of that.

Asked the leader about using  She said I could have the first two weeks free, but then I would have to pay $17 a month.  (It seems like they have lots of ways to get you to spend $.  I have to remember this is a business, not a non-profit!)However, there is a free e-newsletter that comes out every week with recipes, etc.  Good to know.  She also suggested which is a free site with all kinds of recipes for us WWs.  I will have to check that out. 

No reward for me today.  You have to lose five pounds for a sticker.  Next time?  Also, I found out I get an extra 49 points every week to use wherever I want.  (That’s probably what saved me with the CB).

So…it’s time for dinner…and I am hungry.

Be healthy!


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Retired educator interested in living life fully. Will write about aging wisely, good reads, food, travel, dance reviews, and other items as they interest me.
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2 Responses to So, What did you Weigh today?

  1. karen says:

    Sounds like fun and l.that group support and encouragement. Was the cinnabon worth it.
    I keep thinking I can do it own but really some support and cheering would be great. How much does it cost?

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