Rollin’ on the River

Have you ever considered a steamboat trip on the Mississippi?  I have.  It is possible on the new 2012 Grand American Queen.

To travel by steamboat is to step back in time and forward within your imagination.  On the American Queen you are a pampered guest.  You revel in the river’s constant flow.  You photograph breathtaking scenery.  You taste fine regional cuisine.  You visit the birthplaces of great Americans, landmarks of war, the mansions, museums and main streets of historic ports of call.  You go to sleep, lulled by the rhythm of the paddlewheel.  This is an all-American experience – as American as Mark Twian, Louis Armstrong, and the Fourth of July.

Lots of entertainment on board the American Queen, including ragtime musician Steve Spracklen, the New Orleans Jazz All Stars, and the Juggernaut Jug Band, plus Glenn Miller, Harry James and the Lovin’ Spoonful.

Food?  Choices for Breakfast include Coffee and Beignets, a buffet, or traditional breakfast service.  Lunch choices are the buffet, traditional lunch and the alfresco grill.  Plus dinner, and snacks and sandwiches.  Or how about Elegant Tea?  Or a moolight supper?  The food alone would be worth the trip.

There are nine voyages still available for this year.  Prices start at $1495 for a three day trip with an inside single cabin up to $8, 495 for a ten day suite with a veranda.

For more information contact the Great American Steamboat Company at 888-749-5380 or

Let’s go!


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