International Bestseller

Just finished reading SANCTUS by Simon Toyne.  Conspiracy, betrayal, and terror lies in every turn of this novel.  Kept me turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning.

In the oldest inhabited place on earth, atop a mountain known as the Citadel, a Vatican-like city-state towers about the city of Ruin in modern-day Turkey.  Thanks to the media coverage of a climber’s assent, the eyes of the world are on a group that has prized its secrets above all things.  For the Sancti, the monks living inside the Citadel, this could mean the end of everything they have built and protected for mellenia…and they will stop at nothing to keep what is theirs.  For American reporter Liv Adamsen, driven by the memory of a tragic loss, an earth-shaking discovery awaits that will change everything…

This is Simon Toyne’s first book (of a trilogy), although he has been involved in British telly for twenty years as a writer, director, and producer.  In December 2007, Toyne quit his job and moved to France for six months, hoping to fulfill a desire to write a thriller.  After a sleepless night crossing the Channel on a midnight ferry, he and his family started looking for a hotel.  It was the eerie sight of the sharp spire of Rouen Cathedral in the pre-dawn sky that struck his imagination and gave birth to the fictional Citadel of SANCTUS.

594 pages in paperback.


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