BLT and Never say Never?

Sixteen weeks into my weight watchers adventure and I am still losing, although not much.  This week I weighed in a loss of 0.2 pounds.  Not a lot, but at least it is going down.  Have 2 pounds to go to reach my 10% weight loss goal, so I am being careful this week.

A couple of interesting things happened during our meeting yesterday.  First, there was a woman who doesn’t track and doesn’t even weigh.  What’s the point?  (You have to weigh at least once a month to stay in the program.)  I really don’t understand that.  I am paying good money every week, so I want to be successful.  That’s why I joined weight watchers.  The second interesting thing was BLT…  One of the women at the meeting mentioned she would try to track her BLTs.  BLT?  How many bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches can one eat in a week?  Well, come to find out, in weightwatcherspeak that stands for Bites, Licks, and Tastes.  Who knew?  Several women said it is a problem when they are cooking for their families.  Well, I don’t cook for a family, so that is not a problem.  And…I keep my cooking simple.

Received a prize yesterday for finishing my 16th week on the program.  It is a charm in the form of two hands clapping.  This can go on my key ring…once I lose ten percent of my beginning weight.

The leader asked me how I was doing on the program.  I talked about the foods that I was no longer eating and that seemed to set off an alarm in her weight watchers mind.  Apparently you are NOT supposed to give up foods you like forever.  You are supposed to eat the foods you like now so you won’t crave them once you reach goal weight.  That makes sense, I guess.  However,  for someone who lives alone…like alonegwen…this will probably be a whole new way of eating.  My mantra is:  if you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.  I will never go back to eating a pint of ice cream at one setting, or corn chips, or drink a half a bottle of wine.  Those days are over and I do not miss those foods.  When I go out to eat at a restaurant or someone’s house I will take a little of everything, but no seconds.  Hopefully that will be never again.

How is your weight loss adventure going?

I’ll let you know once I get to goal weight and am maintaining.


About alonegwen

Retired educator interested in living life fully. Will write about aging wisely, good reads, food, travel, dance reviews, and other items as they interest me.
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4 Responses to BLT and Never say Never?

  1. Lori says:

    Do you have a smart phone? I love the my fitness pal app. It tallies calories, tracks success, projects weight loss. And it is free.

    In theory, I would agree that you shouldn’t ban foods from your life forever but in my own experience, me, ice cream and some quality time alone together are a bad combination. 🙂

    • alonegwen says:

      Thanks for your reply! Nice to know you are reading my blog. Sorry…no smart phone. Not sure I am SMART enough to use one! Glad to know that ice cream is a no no for you also. We will keep it up! Good luck…

  2. Rachel C-F says:

    I’m on week two of actually going to the gym. I try for a mile each day (I call it jogging, but it’s more a like a fast, bouncy walk) and 10 minutes on the elliptical machine. I’ve done well eating better, stopped drinking so much beer, and following your blog inspires me! So far, I’ve not lost any weight, but feel better! Keep up the good work, Gwen. 🙂

    • alonegwen says:

      Thanks for your reply! Nice to know you are reading my blog. Sounds like you have the right attitude, Rachel. Not drinking beer sounds good. I have stopped drinking wine, except on special occasions…and then…only 1 glass. All the best to you!

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