What are you doing to Medicare?

Yesterday I was at a table as a volunteer for OR AARP.  Met a lot of nice people and a few that didn’t seem to understand what might be going on with Medicare.  Have you joined the conversation?  Go to www.earnedasay.org  and give AARP your opinion.

You’ve paid into Medicare and you deserve to know what changes are being proposed.  Medicare guarantees affordable health care for more than 50 million Americans today, but is facing long-term financial challenges.

Here are 15 proposals to meet those challenges:

  1. Raise the Medicare eligibility age
  2. Raise Medicare premiums for higher income beneficiaries.
  3. Change Medicare to a premium support plan.
  4. Require drug companies to give rebates or discounts to Medicare.
  5. Increase Medicare cost sharing for home health care, skilled nursing facility care and laboratory services.
  6. Generate new revenue by increasing the payroll tax rate.
  7. Increase supplemental plan costs and reduce coverage.
  8. Raise Medicare premiums for everyone.
  9. Strengthen the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).
  10. Redesign Medicare’s copays and deductibles.
  11. Address the sustainable growth rate (physician payment) formula.
  12. Increase penalties for health care fraud.
  13. Allow faster market access to generic versions of biologic drugs.
  14. Enroll all beneficiaries covered by both Medicaid and Medicare in managed care.
  15. Prohibit Pay-for-Delay agreements.

What do you think of these ideas?  Go to www.earnedasay.org and tell AARP.


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