Love and Scandal

Just finished reading two very different romance novels:  Toni Blake’s WILLOW SPRINGS and Karen Ranney’s A SCANDALOUS SCOT.

WILLOW SPRINGS by Toni Blake takes place in Destiny, Ohio in the present day.  The main character, Amy Bright, is the best matchmaker in town, but she’s desperately shy when it comes to her own love life — and helpless when it comes to Logan Whitaker, with whom she’s head-over-heels in love.  So Amy decides to become Logan’s secret admirer, sending him sensual love letters steamy enough to unseal their own envelopes.  After a tragedy on the job, firefighter Logan is battling demons.  Thank goodness Amy is there for him.  But when a woman from Logan’s past resurfaces right as the anonymous letters send Logan’s pulse hammering, suddenly he doesn’t know what he needs.  One smoking-hot kiss could change everything, but will it ruin a one-of-a-kind friendship, or show Logan and Amy that they’ve already found everything they need, right there in Destiny?

A SCANDALOUS SCOT by Karen Ranney is set in 1860 Scotland.  After four long years, Morgan MacCraig has finally returned to the Highlands of his birth with his honor in shreds.  After a scandal, all he wants now is solace — yet peace is impossible to find with the castle’s outspoken new maid trying his patience, challenging his manhood, and winning his love, body and soul.  Jean MacDonald wants to leave her past behind and start anew, but Ballindair Castle, a Scottish estate rumored to be haunted, hasn’t been the safe haven she envisioned.  Ballindair’s ancestral ghosts aren’t as fascinating as Morgan, the most magnificent man she’s ever seen.  Though their passion triggers a fresh scandal that could force them to wed, Jean must first share the secrets of her own past — secrets that could force them apart, or be the beginning of a love and redemption unlike anything they’ve ever known.

Of the two books, A SCANDALOUS SCOT was my favorite.  Historical romances seem more…romantic, and this one is very well written.  It seems that all her books have their setting in Scotland, although she lives in Texas.  The character development and the descriptions of the estate and the highlands are excellent.

WILLOW SPRINGS by Toni Blake in paperback.  373 pages.  Published in 2012

A SCANDALOUS SCOT by Karen Ranney is in paperback.  349 pages.  Published in 2012.

Do you have a favorite romance writer?


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